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Zirconium welding wire is a widely used welding material that can be classified based on several aspects, such as material composition, diameter size, and application. Here are some common classification methods:

Classification by material composition: Pure zirconium welding wire: made of pure zirconium metal, has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., suitable for welding under special environments such as high temperature and high pressure. Zirconium alloy welding wire: made of zirconium and other metal elements such as copper, nickel, iron, chromium, tungsten, etc., widely used, can meet the welding needs of different materials.

Classification by diameter size: Fine wire: generally with a diameter less than 1.2mm, suitable for welding precision components. Medium wire: with a diameter between 1.2mm-2.4mm, with a wide range of applications. Coarse wire: with a diameter larger than 2.4mm, suitable for welding rough workpieces.

Classification by application: Ordinary zirconium welding wire: used for conventional zirconium alloy welding work. Corrosion-resistant zirconium welding wire: has extremely strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for welding under special environments such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Ultrasonic welding zirconium welding wire: used in the field of ultrasonic welding, can achieve efficient non-destructive welding.

ATI Zirconium alloy series

The zirconium alloy welding materials produced by ATI Specialty Alloys & Components are mainly divided into three grades: CP Grade 1, Grade 702, and Grade 705, which are suitable for different application scenarios. Here are the specific details of each grade

Grade Chemical composition Characteristics and applications
CP Grade 1 Zr>99.2%,Hf<0.5%,Fe+Cr<0.2%,Ti<0.1% It has high purity and good corrosion resistance, and is widely used in welding applications in fields such as medical, chemical, and nuclear power.
Grade 702 Zr>95.5%,Hf<4.5%,Fe+Cr<0.2%,Ti<0.2% Good corrosion resistance, suitable for welding in marine engineering, chemical and other harsh environments.
Grade 705 Zr>95.5%,Hf<4.5%,Fe+Cr<0.2%,Ti<0.2%,Ni<2.5% High temperature resistance and good wear resistance, suitable for welding in high temperature environments such as the petroleum and natural gas industry.

It should be noted that different grades of welding wire are suitable for different working environments, and the selection should be based on specific needs before use. In addition, ATI Specialty Alloys & Components also offers other types of zirconium alloy welding materials, such as Inconel alloy welding materials. If you need any assistance, please consult our team.