Its cutting-edge technologies include:

AI technology: Fanuc uses artificial intelligence technology to enable robots to learn and make decisions autonomously, making them more adaptable and flexible. This technology is widely used in areas such as machine vision, force control, and path planning, improving the intelligence level of robots.

Machine vision technology: Fanuc uses high-resolution cameras, image processing algorithms, and other technologies to enable robots to perceive and process visual information autonomously. This technology is widely used in areas such as part recognition, position detection, and quality inspection, improving the precision and reliability of robots.

Force control technology: Fanuc uses force sensors, control algorithms, and other technologies to enable robots to sense and control external forces and torques, achieving high-precision force control. This technology is widely used in areas such as assembly and welding, improving the precision and stability of robots.

Cloud computing technology: Fanuc uses cloud computing technology to enable remote monitoring and data analysis of robots, allowing users to monitor the status and operation of robots remotely through the internet and perform data analysis and optimization. This technology is widely used in the management and optimization of factory automation systems.

Overall, Fanuc’s cutting-edge technologies include AI technology, machine vision technology, force control technology, and cloud computing technology, which enable robots to have stronger intelligence, perception, and remote control capabilities, helping to improve the application effects and user experience of robots in various fields.


Fanuc robot


Fanuc is a leading global manufacturer of robots and factory automation systems based in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan. The company was founded in 1956. Fanuc robots are used in various industrial applications such as assembly, painting, welding, and material handling. They are known for their precision, high speed, and good repeatability, which can significantly improve production efficiency and quality.

The Fanuc robot series includes LR Mate series, M-1iA series, M-2iA series, M-3iA series, M-20iA series, and M-710iC series. Each series of robots has different characteristics such as load capacity, arm length, and precision, making them suitable for different application scenarios.

Fanuc robots use servo motors and digital control systems to achieve precise motion control, with high speed and high accuracy. In addition, Fanuc robots also use a series of advanced technologies such as machine vision and force control to achieve more intelligent motion control.

Fanuc robots can be used in various industries and application scenarios such as automotive manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry for applications such as welding, painting, and assembly, with the M-710iC series robots being used for high-end applications such as automotive body welding.